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1. Purpose of the Club 1.1 The Club shall be known as The Cavalier and Chevette Club, and referred to hereafter as ‘the Club’ 1.2 The Club is for the owners or those interested in the Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Chevette, Chevanne, and related Vehicles manufactured between 1975 and 1995. This includes the Opel Kadett ‘C’, Ascona ‘B’ and Ascona ‘C’, plus other General Motors variants from outside Europe. 1.3 The purpose of the Club is to promote the preservation and/or restoration of the types of Vehicle the Club has been founded for. 1.4 It will provide an opportunity for members with a shared interest in the Vehicles to gather together. The Club aims to be a recognised authority on Chevette and Cavalier. 2. Club Management 2.1 The Club shall be managed through a committee of elected officers who will serve the best interests of the members and the Club for twelve month periods. 2.2 These officers, subject to their individual approval, can be re-nominated and re-elected for further twelve month periods. 2.3 Should and if at any time an officer wishes, for whatever reason, to relinquish their position, then this must be done in writing to the Club Secretary, or in the case of the Club Secretary to the Chairperson. In this situation the Committee may elect a replacement officer in an ‘acting’ role until the next elections are due. 2.4 The Committee will have up to nine (9) members. The Committee positions will include the following four (4) defined roles in order of seniority: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition there will be up to five (5) elected Members. 2.5 A Committee member must attend or input suggestions for each meeting for at least three (3) consecutive meetings, unless physically unable to do so by illness or death, otherwise they will be asked to step down from the Committee with immediate effect. 2.6 The Committee will meet as necessary to ensure the efficient running of the Club 2.7 The Quorum for the Committee is that there must be as a minimum either the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or Secretary present. At least four (4) Committee members must vote for a proposal to be approved. In the event of a split decision the Chairperson will have the casting vote. The term “Chair” here denotes the Chair of that Committee meeting. Should the actual Chair of the Club be absent from the Committee meeting, for whatever reason, the Chair of that meeting will be one of the four Office bearers noted in 2.4. The Chair for the meeting will be based on the Seniority given in 2.4. 2.8 Minutes will be retained for all Committee Meetings. Minutes will be typed up, signed as agreed by the Chairman and retained in a loose-leaf Minute Book, after they have been accepted by the next Committee meeting. 2.9 When voting, a majority vote will carry a proposal. 2.10 The Committee will be empowered in the best interests of the Club to select/nominate a personage to serve as Club President or Patron, subject to the mutual agreement, for a term of office determined by the nominee. 2.11 The Club day to day operations of the Club will be managed through a number of Club Officer and Duty Club Officer posts, roles to be defined by the Committee. 2.12 Members appointed in these roles will not automatically become Committee Members. Members will be appointed to these roles by the Committee. These roles do not require annual election. This will enable members to get involved in the running of the Club, if they are interested and have time available 2.13 A member may hold both a Committee and Club Officer role at the same time. 2.14 Both Committee and Club Officer positions are on an unpaid voluntary basis. Members will not receive any payment for their contribution, other than expenses that have been approved by the Committee as necessary for the running of the Club and in the best interests of the Membership. Any extraordinary expenses must be pre- approved by the Treasurer and at least one of the other three main Officers of the Club, where possible. Should this prove impossible, the action which leads to such extraordinary expenses must follow If necessary, because of time constraints, an extraordinary meeting of the Committee may pre-approve the action and extraordinary expenses although not a full Committee meeting, subject to 2.6 above. 2.15 Copies of the Job Description for all posts form an Appendix to these Rules 2.16 All Committee Members and Club Officers will sign and operate within the terms of a Confidentiality Agreement in order to protect the best interests of Members. These Forms will be held by the Club Secretary with the exception of the Club Secretary’s, which will be held by the Chairperson. 3. Financial Management 3.1 Full, open and accurate accounts of all the Club’s financial affairs will be maintained in a book system. 3.2 Financial reports will be reported at every Committee meeting and the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). 3.3 A Copy of approved account reports will be published annually 3.4 The Committee will set out plans for expenditure of Club funds on an annual basis. 3.5 Funds will be allocated in line with the priorities of the membership of the club, this will usually cover as a minimum spares, Club Magazine/Newsletter and Events. 3.6 There will be three Committee members with the authority to sign cheques. There will always be a minimum of two signatures for each transaction, including the Treasurer’s 4. Club Membership 4.1 All Memberships shall be renewable on 1st April each year and run for a twelve month period. 4.2 The club shall not charge new members a joining fee 4.3 New members joining part way through a year will be asked to pay a proportional amount for the first year. 4.4 Any person offering to be a Committee Member who is not a member but is connected to the Club by association of a member can become a member for £1.00 per year whilst they are in office giving them full voting rights at a Committee Meeting and AGM. 4.5 There will be no refunds of membership fees if a member leaves the Club for whatever reason part way through the year. 4.6 The rate of membership fee will be reviewed annually and proposed to the membership at the AGM. 4.7 The Committee shall be empowered in the best interests of the Club to accept or reject all applications, with no reasons being given as to that acceptance or rejection of applications being made, except that the Committee meeting at which such action was taken will be minuted and therefore open to view by the full membership 4.8 Expulsion of a member of the Club from its membership will only be taken in extreme circumstances, such as bringing the Club into disrepute or similar, should these circumstances be such that this is the only course that can be followed. The member will be notified, and no refunds in whole or part of subscriptions being made. 4.9 The Club is owned and run by all its members jointly through the arrangements detailed above. 4.10 All Club assets belong to the Club, and must be recorded. Any person holding Club assets should draw up a Record of Wishes regarding these assets and how these should be activated in the event of leaving the Club, mental incapacity or death. A copy of this document shall be held by the Club Secretary. 5. Services available to Members 5.1 The Club will endeavour to provide the following services to its members: Spares, Technical Advice, Workshop tips, Club Magazine/Newsletter, Organised Events including Car Shows and Road Runs, Local Contacts through Area Coordinators, Information on Vehicles, Merchandise and incentives as required. 5.2 The Club will hold an Annual General Meeting. This will be advertised through the Newsletter and the Club website. 6. Expectations of Members 6.1 To preserve the Club in good name by promoting pride of ownership, road craft and general goodwill publicly. 6.2 To make good use of the services on offer. 6.3 To support the club in whatever manner personal circumstances allow. 6.4 To promote the Club to other owners or people interested in the cars, whenever possible. 6.5 To discuss any issues or ideas for improvement in the Club, its services or events attended through Area Coordinators or Committee Members 7. Amending the Rules and Constitution of the Club 7.1 The Club Secretary will amend the Rules and Constitution when discussed at the Committee Meeting 7.2 The Rules and Constitution will then be signed off at the next AGM. Meeting by the Club Secretary and either the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or Treasurer. 8. In the Event of Cessation of the Club 8.1 In the event of the cessation of the Club, winding up or demise in any way, all or any properties remaining in the Club shall be disposed of in an open and fair manner. Remaining funds shall be donated to a registered charity as agreed by the remaining Committee.

Rules and Constitution.